A Story About Divine Intervention & Weed


This Will Be Me In a Few Years. No Joke. This Story has Been Altered to Protect the Questionable. But, it’s a Powerful Story About Spirit & Weed. No Joke. You Have to Use Your Intuition In Places, but That’s What I Do for a Living so, Use Your Intuition. You’re Following Me, Right? I Have a Pen. A Trusty Pen. That I Use When Insomnia Hits or my 21 Yr Old Bitch Daughter has a Meltdown. It Works Best When I’m Stuck In Traffic & I Have to Read for the Masses in Less Than an Hour! I Had Just Put In a New Cartridge Too. It Smoked Like a Dragon. Friday Night Parties are Hard. I Knew I Left it in the Car. Couldn’t Be Found. I Looked High & Low (No Pun Intended). The New Replacement, Not as Good. I’ve Been Very Sad since Saturday. Fast Forward to 4 am this Morning. My Daughter is Having a Meltdown. 2 Finals, One in Anatomy & a Knocking BaseBoard Heating System Kept Her Up All Night. I’ve Been Awakened to Be Told This Important Information at 4am. New Tenants Downstairs Have Already Complained. I Can’t Engage With My Usual Bronx Compassion BC it’s 4am. I Take a Deep Breath. The New Puppy Decided To Shit All Over the LR. Did I Tell You it’s 4 am? I Retreat as Always to My Bedroom. I’m in Shock. Starting to Lose It. There’s No Place to Go! I Just Want To Run & Hide & Let Someone Else Deal With It. But, There’s No One Else, as Usual. Only Me, as Usual. I Sit On the End of My Bed. I Ask Spirit, WTF do I Do? I Look Down. Yes, A Miracle. There SHE Was in All Her Glory. Peeking Out & Smiling at Me From Under My Bed. No, Not the Shitty Puppy, More Important, My Handy Dandy Pen! The Fire Breathing One with the Newly Installed Cartridge! Right there on the Floor Next to My Bed. I Was Ecstatic To See Her, Happier Than Having a Winning Lottery Ticket. My Mentor In Tarot Would Always Say, God Can’t Be That Mean. She was Right. Thank You Spirit for Sending This Powerful Message. I Sure Needed It!