MugWort, Me & The Full Moon


This month there was a Full Moon and a Partial Lunar Eclipse. With Mercury also being Retrograde, I found myself dealing with childhood issues. This I knew would be the Last Lap. The very last time I glance back at this mess and the evil I escaped. My childhood and family were nothing but a Karmic Lesson for me. I state, Last Lap, because healing whatever issues comes around three times. It is the same when reading Tarot cards. I look for the answer in my Tarot cards and if the message shows up three different ways, then I know what exactly to tell my client. Working with Healers & Astrologers, they tell me the same thing. Issues come around three times and then it's OVER. I'm actually enjoying this last look, because I will be retiring in June and leaving New York for good. New York, not being a good place for a healer to live in. I mean, I've been here my whole life, slugging it out on the streets of New York. But, what I love about this plan is, when I do leave in June, I plan to NEVER think about these things that happened ever again. I will be too busy with my new chapter, writing a book, exploring Texas and making new life long friendships. So let me tell you what happened the other day and why this Blog is titled Mugwort, Me & The Full Moon.

I was enjoying a beautiful day at the beach, sun shining, no crowds, did my meditation. But, as I lay there soaking up the sunshine, in crept a childhood memory, UGH. You've got to be kidding, right here, right now? OMG! NO! It's like a soldier with PTSD. I rolled over on my stomach and decided to read a little on my phone. The Universe has always guided me where my family had abandoned me. When I tell you completely abandoned with two kids on my back, it is NOT an exaggeration. That is why I am a Reader, Healer and Blogger to tell my story and let you know, the Universe will Guide You, you just have to Look Around for the Signs. So the first thing that pops up on my phone is an event, a Full Moon ceremony which included harvesting Mugwort. It was happening that night! I knew I needed to go. A little bit of a trip, but something said, I needed to do this & learn about Mugwort. So I dashed home and got ready for my adventure. And what an adventure it was!

I get in my old Acura RDX, fondly named the MichaelMobile, because I have Archangel Michael decals on all the windows. I even have a wind chime hanging, tingle, lingle, ling! Up to Poughkeepsie I drive, determined to get this sadness, this memory out of my head for good! Rhianna Mirabello from the Dreaming Goddess hosted this event. She showed me what Mugwort looked like. It turned out to be a weed that I see daily growing along roadways and in parks. I was shocked. She showed me how to cut one stalk, throw some sage to give back to Mother Earth for what I was taking. Rhianna said to leave the other stalks of Mugwort there. You don't want to cut a bunch from the same spot. So after cutting some stalks in various places, we blessed them in the light of the Full Moon which was beaming so beautifully in that beautiful park. Then we walked uphill and walked and walked, to take in the view. Once at the top, we were given the chance to release whatever was bothering us and welcome in something new. I prayed in each direction for release & prepare for my new chapter. I prayed to finally remove this past chapter once and for all. I asked each of the Four Directions for the Strength they represented to assist me. I prayed to the East for New Beginnings, the South for Healing Emotions, the West for Intuition and the North for Wisdom. I lay on the ground for a long time asking Mother Earth to please take all this crap out of me. And do you know what? It worked! It's been a week now and I am in a great mood, happy and at peace. I have worked with several healers that always warn me because I live in NYC, getting disconnected from Mother Earth will screw up your channels. I am making a conscious effort now to continue to ground myself on a daily basis so I can enjoy my last few months here.

So about Mugwort. I only posted one picture here, but on my FaceBook Page, Readings By Eva, there are several pictures of Mugwort. This is a picture of the front and back of the leaf. You can identify Mugwort by its five fingerlike parts of one leaf and the silverish back of the leaf. It is pretty easy to find. After cutting some stalks, you wrap them with twine, and let them dry for a few weeks. Then you can light it like a Smudge stick and bless your home or body. I actually am looking forward to my Mugwort drying out. I like the smell, it has a lighter scent than Sage. Mugwort brings in intuition and magic. I even laid a fresh stalk of it next to my bed that night to help me sleep. Mind you, I slept so sound and woke up fully energized. I have been growing other herbs in my garden and plan to mix some of them in with the Mugwort. I also plan to add some wild flowers to make a serious bundle. Information about Mugwort bundles can be found on my FaceBook page, Readings By Eva. I was shocked at how easy it is to do. So I pass this on to you all. In healing others, I heal Myself and the World. Namaste.