Welcome to my Website! Welcome to The Journey! My name is Eva (pronounced Ava), of Readings By Eva.com. I have been a Tarot Card Reader since 1999.  I have been Reading for large Corporate Events and Private Parties since 2009.  I did not set out to be a Reader.  I would go for Readings every 3 to 6 months.  One Day, my Reader asked if I ever considered being a Reader?  I told her No.  She said I should consider learning because I kept pulling the Psychic card (High Priestess).  I decided to try Tarot.  I found reading Tarot cards very easy.  I could see the person's story through the cards.  Since I was a teacher and loved Story Telling, Tarot was the next step for me.  Since learning Tarot, I have studied Astrology (Too Much Math), Feng Shui (Too Many Rules), World Religions (Too Much Travel) and Mediumship (Too Many Tears)!  Although all this study led to my Development and Improved my Readings, I found Reading Tarot my Niche.  I also found My Niche in Reading at large Corporate Events and Private Parties.  Being I am a Gemini with Moon in Aquarius and Sagittarius Ascendant, Reading for Many People of Different Backgrounds, Beliefs and yes, skepticism Worked for Me. You will find on Gigmasters.com, over 100 Five Star Reviews of my work.  I also read for Individuals Privately and Over the Phone.  From that, came my Blog, where I talk about the People, Places & Things that I have Encountered Along my Path. My Blogs talk about Things that can Help Improve your own Intuition, Energy & Lifestyle.  I Believe we all have Intuition, it comes to everyone in Different Ways, but we All Have It. It's just that some of us Trust It more than others.  If you like my Blogs and wish to join my mailing list, feel free to contact me through this website and send along your email address with a note that you wish to be added to my mailing list.  Or you can be added by using your phone.  Just type 22828 and the word, Awakenings, and follow the prompts.


 I believe one of my Goals in this World is to Help Others Trust their Intuition and Help People Heal.  Along my Path, I found my Blogs too 2 Dimensional so now I have created my own YouTube channel. Readings By Eva is a channel on YouTube devoted to the Spiritual Arts for the EveryDay Person. My channel is all about Helping Others to develop their Intuition & Heal.  I will be Interviewing People, Visiting Places and showing you how to Improve your Intuition, Energy & Lifestyle.  I hope this has Answered some of your Questions about Me. Feel free to Contact Me if you need Further Information.  Whether you are Planning an Event, want a Reading or maybe just looking for Direction in your Life, feel free to contact me Anytime with your Questions. Namaste.