April 2017


Words For The Week

This month is Earth Day. Where would we be without Mother Earth? I feel this Day is somewhat forgotten and I don't know why. I think we should be aware and honor Mother Earth daily, like the Native Americans do. Something is getting lost in the shuffle between politics and social media. On Earth Day, I plan to turn my phone off and just enjoy Nature. I will Walk the beach, meditate and sage my home. One of my favorite parts of Saging is incorporating the Four Directions into my prayers. The Native Americans were always so on point in understanding all Things are Connected. With each Direction there is an Intention. With each Intention there is an Animal symbolizing that Direction. Everything is always Connected. Here is a link to a Prayer that just Sums Everything Up for Me.

Prayer to the Four Directions


My Farewell Hope To City Island

I decided to share my spiritual theory about my former residence, City Island. I lived there for 15 years and was always considered an outsider. What most people fail to realize is City Island is less than a mile away from Hart Island. This island is NYC's Potter's Field. For over a hundred years this island's history is beyond sad. From a civil war internment camp, then housing for quarantined TB patients to a women's insane asylum. Eventually it became the dumping grounds for every unclaimed body in NYC, including infants who died at birth. Bodies are buried by Rikers Island inmates who are bused there weekly. The inmates erected a gazebo on Hart Island where people who make the trek to find their loved one's final resting place can at least sit and pray. They are not allowed to go any further. Many times due to NYC bureaucratic red tape, those who were granted permission to take the ferry ride to Hart Island are stopped at the gate. There is no place for them to sit and pray and say good bye on City Island. In the local community children are on drugs especially heroin in record numbers, strange accidents and suicides happen regularly and alcoholism is rampant. I do not feel the residents understand that over a hundred years of tragedy CAN effect the energy surrounding an area. My farewell hope to CIty Island is that they will make a creative effort to have these lost souls rest peacefully. That some kind of monument or garden will be created so those that make the pilgrimage will leave feeling some closure. I know of gardeners, poets, and painters that all live on City Island. It is my hope that the local spiritual leaders will reach out to the local artists and create something so these lost souls are not forgotten. That there is something done in their memory so all can rest peacefully. The dead need to be recognized and remembered. In so honoring those that have come before us, it just may bring peace and harmony to this local community that is struggling and they do not understand why.


Rain Listening

We all know that old saying, April Showers, Bring May Flowers. Well, Rain Listening is something I started doing a few years back. I found that when it started to rain, if I opened the window, hid under my bedcovers, closed my eyes and just listened, I would find some Peace and Clearing, in the Sound of the Rain Drops. Rain has an incredible soothing effect. Whether I am outside feeling it on my face or listening to it under the covers, rain washes away stress. I know when my kids were young, if it was raining in the morning, they always slept later and still do. It's a peaceful sound. I even sleep with a YouTube track that plays rain with Tibetan bowls. I found I slept better to the Rain track versus the Ocean track. I was very surprised by this. So this April, give a listen and see how you feel. It may be worth a wet window sill.


Crystals & Their Care

This month it's Earth Day, so let's talk about something that comes from the Earth.Crystals have always been a big part of any healers' toolbox. Recently, I stumbled across a website, Energy Muse. This lady really knows her crystals. Although her crystals are not cheap, I highly recommend to get on her emailing list. She sends out some very interesting articles about crystals, their purpose, how to set intentions, rituals and of course, what type of crystals to use. She gave the best advice about recharging crystals too. Besides saging your crystals or putting them outside during a full moon or on a sunny day, I loved her idea to put them in the Earth where they came from! It made sense to me. You can place the crystals in the dirt. If worried about losing them, you can place a flowerpot or some kind of marker, so you know where they are. I really liked that advice. She is my go to person when I want to know more about crystals.