August 2017


Words For The Week

I've been focusing on trying to work with the Universe this Summer. Weather hasn't been to my liking nor has my social life improved much since moving. The first thing I learned is, I don't think I'll be planning any major trips when the Sun is in Cancer. I spent a week in Clearwater, Florida by myself. I had a great time, but a few nights I woke up to major memories flooding in. I knew it was Spirit just letting me know it was time to deal with Family Issues because now I am strong enough to handle it, but I must say, not fun. That got me to thinking. After viewing Debra Silverman's astrological forecasts (see Astrology Answers Below), I realized maybe vacationing during Cancer not such a good idea. I usually spend the first few weeks of summer cleaning my house and decluttering. Well, that would be perfect to do in June-July. Next summer I'll go away when the Sun is in Leo, all bright, loving and looking for fun. But, when that Leo New Moon came in, weather was not so great. Since Leo is all about Love & Creativity, I decided to use its energies to my advantage. Updated my website, hired a new cameraman and started trying new ideas to introduce myself to my new neighborhood. A few weeks ago driving home from grocery shopping I saw a beautiful avenue with many restaurants in a row. Spirit said, "When you're free this Summer, walk along here and hand out your information." Well that is exactly what I did during the New Moon. Got dressed up, and using a combination of bar hopping, reading the energy at each location and then leaving my information, I got a call from a restaurant owner that now wants me to read at two of his locations. Not bad for one afternoon's work! And as I visited each place, I met a new friend. Doors are opening, new people coming into my Life and things are Peaceful. I'm going to stay focused on astrology aspects. It really helped me understand this Summer.


UpComing Schedule

Since I am starting a New Chapter Reading at Locations, I decided to share my upcoming schedule with you. Maybe you have Friends or Family that may want to come for a Reading. $20 for a 10 Minute Reading. It doesn't get much better than that.
August 7th - O'Connors Public House
Mt. Kisco, NY 7-10pm
August 10th - O'Connors Public House
White Plains, NY 7-10pm
August 15th - O'D's Tavern
Nyack, NY 7-10pm


Astrology Answers

From walking along the beach, to waking up in the am and just knowing what my next move is, Spirit & My Intuition continue to guide me. I even get messages through Technology and once a strange Postcard in the mail, remember Postcards? Anyway, my latest and greatest summer find came through Technology. I have been getting daily emails from this website titled, Astrology Answers. I have not been disappointed. I get a daily horoscope, but what I love are their YouTube segments about what's going on in the Sky. Debra Silverman and I became good friends this summer. She explains what's going on astrologically speaking and what to pay attention to. The clips are about five minutes long. She has helped me to remember all those astrology classes I took. She also taught a class at the Omega Institute in June, sorry I missed it. I also get a weekly segment from Terence Guardino of AA, who explains what's going on in the sky for the week. I am in love with this website. They also have Tarot card meanings and numerology. I use to love, but I am tired of the live psychics that stare blankly at me from their offices, while I'm trying to read my daily horoscope. Astrology Answers has been slowly replacing that website and I really like how Debra explains Astrology. If you don't know the terms, Debra explains it so you'll catch on. Check out Debra and Terence at,


Natural Awakenings Online Dating

This is another Summer Find. Are you interested in meeting new people of like minds? Well, I was ready. While reading Natural Awakenings at the beach one day, I stumbled across their online dating ad. Yes, Natural Awakenings now has their own online dating service. And I will tell you, more thorough than! Be ready with some wine to answer all kinds of questions, from pot smoking, sexual preferences (there were some categories I had to look up), how comfortable you are wearing Halloween costumes, to how many times a week you eat meat, have sex and recycle. It is all there. Natural Awakenings now knows more about me than I do! But, I thought hey, why not? I figured being a Tarot card reader, there would probably me more interested individuals on this site than on Worth having a Look. Besides, after answering all those questions, I actually know more about myself, another Awakening. You can check it out at,