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Words For The Week

Well, Summer is Over at least UnOfficially for me, Back To School. It has been an Interesting Summer. Didn't really expect what I got, but was Happy Overall in the End. Although I thought it would be a New Chapter, with New Beginnings, I ended up being Stuck with the Old till I Took a Good Look and Put the Past Behind Me. Not exactly what I Had in Mind, but I did Clear Out a lot of Old. Returning to my Astrology Studies actually Confirmed this was a Good Time to Handle Past Issues. With Two Eclipses during the month of August, it was an Excellent Time to Reexamine what has Passed and Set My Intentions to Move Forward. And I did. This Monthly Blog is Dedicated to those Summer Finds that Helped Me Heal. Traveling to Savannah, GA, the Most Haunted City in the U.S., I came upon a Young Astrologer, Timothy Halloran. His YouTube segment on the Eclipses was very much on Point with Everything I was Going Through. He has Incredible Passion for Reading Astrology, so I Include his Lengthy Discussion of what the Eclipses Bring Forward. If you can Hang in There for a half hour, I Assure you, something he says about this Time Period Astrologically will Hit Home with You. Besides, any Guy who can talk with such Passion in that Savannah Heat in the Woods for half an hour, Deserves some Recognition. LoL. August's Eclipses. If interested in having a Reading with Timothy via Skype you will Find him at,


Drumming Circle

Since June, every Third Wednesday of the Month, I take a Drive to New Rochelle. Hidden between the shore clubs and the VIP club is a white mailbox. Make a Left at the Mailbox, and you are on a Journey to the New Dawn Foundation. On the Third Wednesday of Every Month, you will find Scott Nelson Holding It Down. Scott, is trained in Native American Drums and He IS All About The Drums. I stuff $25 in an Envelope and I Join a Circle that for the next hour and a half will Take Me Places. I Physically Am Transported to Another Time & Dimension. Scott is Always Eager to Share his Wisdom & Knowledge and Interpret Any Visions You May Have During Your Drumming. He Has Plenty of Drums to Share if You Don't Have One. This is an Intimate Meeting With Like Souls and I Thoroughly Enjoy this Diamond in the Rough at the New Dawn Foundation. For Further Information Contact Scott at, Starvisions Community.


Sherwood Island, CT

I Stumbled Upon my Summer Escape Hatch Across the Border in CT. Once I Moved to PC, I joined the local beach. I found it very Chummy. Everyone knows each other. When I go to the beach, I don't want to hear Anything, but the Waves. This started my Quest for the Perfect Spot. I Ended Up at Sherwood Island, a CT State Park a half hour drive into CT. It is Worth It. For A $100 Summer Pass, I got a Secluded Beach with Views of LI Sound to Heal Me. During the Week, I would Walk the Quiet Trail to West Beach, a secluded part of the island, where I could Sit and be Alone with my Thoughts. Since they open at 8am, it was Way Worth the Summer Pass. I Prayed, Meditated, Swam & Watched the SandBars come up from the Sound's Depths. This State Park has Magical Appeal. The Best Advice is, Get There Early. During the Week Anytime, but Weekends get there Early to Really Enjoy what the Island Offers. I plan to still visit Sherwood Island in the Fall to do some Bird Watching. This Park Truly Healed Me.

Moona's Reading Room & Reiki

I Found Moona on Groupon. I knew there were some Readers in Rye right down the street from me, but I Never Thought to Look on Groupon. There are quite a few Healers on there, Just Look. Anyway, I signed up for a Psychic Reading. For $25, Ms. Moona read a Piece of my Jewelry. I was Floored. Her Sycometry was Off the Hook. I Have Since Returned to Do a Package of Reiki Healings just in time for September when I Go Back to School. Anyone who can Read a piece of jewelry like that is who I want to have Reiki sessions with. She Truly Helped Heal the Hole in My Soul. A Funky Place with a Great Parking Lot Behind and StarBuck's Below. Moona is Truly Gifted & Helped Heal Me this Summer. You'll Find Her at Moona's Reading Room & Reiki.