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In June of Last Year, our teacher contract was finally settled. With that came a nice retro check. I Decided for Once in my Life, I was Not Going to Think of my kids and the bills and Do Something for Myself. I Decided a Trip to Sedona, Arizona was what I was going to do. I had heard about this Interesting Place of Vortexes and Crystals. Over the years, I also had been told my several Past Life Readers that I had come from there. The Beauty of the Land is Breath Taking as well as Mystical. It turned out to be the Very Best Place for me to Figure Out My Next Move. And as Always, Spirit Guided Me to the Right People & Places.

Craig Junjuglas


I met Craig JunJulas at the Elmsford Library twenty years ago. He was giving a Lecture on Psychic Development. Although I am Clairaudient, I watched a Spirit Rise out of this Man's Shoulder and Sit There while he Lectured. I found Myself Raising my Hand and Letting him know. Craig did not Bat an Eyelash and Proceeded to tell me Who it Was. A few months later when Craig came back to NYC, I had a Reading with Him. I Asked if he would Bring Me some Red Dirt from Sedona where he Lived. He did. It has sat on my Altar in a little Navajo Sand Pot for twenty years. I had another reading this month with Craig in Sedona. A lot was Discussed Where do I Go from Here. He was very Enlightening as Usual. He's working on Music and Mandala cards, as well as Lectures about Ancient Mysticism. And the Sedona Dirt was Returned to Sedona. I Found Myself taking Rocks this Time, Realizing, I'm Not Dirt these days, I'm a Rock. You'll find Craig at, HigherSelfDiscovery

Bucket Lists


One of the reasons I went to Sedona was to Cross the Grand Canyon off my Bucket List. It was 25 degrees and Snowing when I Arrived at the Grand Canyon. I didn't care about the weather once I saw the Canyon. Truly a Place of Wonder that all People Should Visit as well as Sedona. I did feel a Great Sense of Accomplishment because it was on my Bucket List. Now that my kids are Grown and I'm Heading Towards Retirement, I have been Thinking of Things I Want to Do. This Trip really was a Slam Dunk. I Think Bucket Lists are Important. Start Writing Down what you Want to Do and you'll be Surprised how it Starts to Manifest. Life is Short. Don't Wait for the Kids to Finish College or Your Retirement. Through Doing the Things We Want to Do, We Gain a Great Sense of Accomplishment & Pride to Go With the Happiness of Fulfillment. Isn't That What Life Is All About?


Sedona Mystical Tours

Mark Griffon & his Sedona Mystical Tour was the Grand Finale. I had gotten through a very Intense Reading with Craig, then Toured the Grand Canyon. But, another Reason I Came to Sedona was for the Healing. Mark Griffon took me on a Mystical Tour through the Sedona Cliffs that I Will Never Forget. Part StoryTeller, Intuitive, Healer & Sexy Mountain Man, Mark really Taught Me a lot about Vortexes & How the Land can Heal You. His Approach was Amazingly Simple letting the Mystical Land of Sedona Heal Me with His Guidance. I left there a Changed Person, Feeling Lighter and Happier. Somehow that Interesting Mountain Man Healed Me in One Afternoon. Back in NYC, I'm Happier, More Centered, Back in the Gym, Making Positive Future Plans and a lot less Wine! I don't think of the Past Issues I was Grappling With. With One Stick Mark Found, I Threw All My Issues Away in Oak Creek. The Stick Disappeared from View Almost Instantly. Mark said it was a Good Sign. It Really Was That Simple. Mark & His Magic Can Be Found At,

3/2/18 8:7AM