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Spring has officially arrived. Mercury has gone direct and we just finished four weeks in the sign of Aries. Now in Taurus, we slow down to make plans and spend time with our mothers before Summer officially begins, Memorial Day weekend. If you haven't thought about summer vacation, my thoughts are Think Texas. I have traveled there several times this year. The people are friendly, the climate hot and vacations are inexpensive. I just recently returned from Galveston, Texas and here are some Places of Interest.

The Haunted Hotel Galvez


Galveston, Texas

Galveston is a funky place. The Gulf of Mexico looked brown to me, so I don't think I'll be putting down roots there. I did notice when entering the Old District a very dark, foreboding vibration. Once I took my historical haunted tour, I knew why. Galveston is considered the most haunted place in the USA. It's ranked 2nd after Baltimore. But, after listening to the history of this city, I think it should be ranked Numero Uno. Floods, strange murders, Robert Dunst, mafia streets, a serious red light district, pirates, Houston's playground for the rich, the Galvez Hotel, the Texas Rangers, slave graveyards, demonic houses and Alfred Hitchcock are all part of Galveston history. Too much to go into detail. But, if you're into history and the haunted, Galveston would be an interesting place to visit. Decent beaches, but plenty to explore when it comes to the paranormal. Even the Walmart across the street from my hotel is haunted by little kid spirits that play with the toys. They perished in a fire that burned their orphanage to the ground. The Hotel Galvez even hands out EVP readers at the Concierge desk for those interested in their 5th floor which has been highlighted on several paranormal shows. I did venture up to Room 501 where a poor girl hung herself because she thought her sailor lover had drowned. He did come back, so poor Audra's spirit is said to still be there. I did feel a strong sense of sadness by the balcony right outside that room, but decided not to be a touristy paranormal investigator. I decided to just say a prayer for Audra. We women are lucky to be living in this day and age. I know I am.

NASA Museum


Galveston is a 40 minute drive outside of Houston, Texas. So I spent two days exploring Houston. One whole day was spent unexpectedly in the NASA Space museum. I was interested in space, but this museum should not be missed. First, I took a tram tour to see the original Mission Control center for the Apollo space missions. I have new found respect for this country and NASA after learning we got three men to walk on the moon using a computer that had only 9 megabytes. That's the equivalent to 4 cellphone pictures. I was in shock. When something went wrong, all those good ole Texan boys chomping on cigars, pulled out looseleaf binders and tried to figure out how to get Apollo 13 back to Earth. They did. You also get to view where astronauts train for the International Space Station and touch some of the first spaceships built. Back in the center, I got to touch a moon rock and a meteorite and watch lots of old footage of the Apollo missions. There are also plenty of simulated space type rides, none of which I tried due to vertigo. I'm a space cadet without the rides. The only sad moment was viewing a magnet in the gift shop that showed all 8 of our solar system's planets. Of course, science & astrologers still don't see eye to eye. Johnson Space Center turned out to be an all day affair, lots of history and fun. I walked away very proud of this country.

Butterfly Season


I have found while traveling some of the best times are when you just wander around. This time I got extremely lost looking for a Butterfly center. Before I found the center, I ended up walking the most beautiful park, Hamm Plaza where a manmade waterfall was. They also had beautiful statues of important people, my favorites were Gandhi & Confucius. My kind of park. The butterfly center was like walking into paradise. Hundreds of butterflies flying around in a natural setting. It was this small exhibit & park that made my day in Houston. I ended this hot day at a Water Wall. A manmade wall of water that was one of the most interesting pieces of art I had ever seen. I also got to cool off with a nice spray coming off the water wall. The sound of rushing water really has a way of clearing you and making you feel at peace, whether manmade or God given. You can check out this interesting wall on my Instagram page, Readings By Eva. Feel free to Like & Follow.

Next month, we will look at Botanicas & Spiritualism. Peace.

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