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I turned 55 this past month. In honor of reaching one of the retirement requirements, I took a couple days off from work. I woke up to find one of my favorite TV personalities had committed suicide. It was a complete shock to me and still is. The way Anthony Bourdain spoke with the everyday person and celebrities was always fascinating to me. His show was very inspirational to me and my Spiritual Arts show on YouTube. I'd like my Spiritual Arts show to look like his, minus the food. I'm not a foodie, but I am a storyteller. It's a dieing Art. But, Tony took it to an interesting new level using film, food and humor to make storytelling interesting and popular again. To be able to walk around in jeans and interview the President while drinking a beer and sitting in a plastic chair I must say, is pretty amazing. As shocked as I found this turn of events, it has inspired me to get going on my show and writing again. So after such a sad event, a positive ripple effect has happened. Thank You Anthony Bourdain for bringing so many around the world together using laughter, love, and food. What a great story it all made!

The Lash House


My thoughts on what exactly pertains to Spiritual Arts is, anything that makes you feel connected to the Universe as well as that which makes you feel happy inside and out. Of course, we focus on the internal, but these ladies focus on the external. What they do is pretty amazing. My gutsy girl on the right, Virginia, opened the Lash House in Dobbs Ferry, NY. She offers different beauty treatments, but eye lash extensions are their specialty. I saw a young teacher with them and she looked so pretty, I decided to give it a try for the summer. I don't wear makeup in the summer, so I thought this was the perfect idea. It honestly was. I spent two hours there and they basically glue longer lashes onto your eyelashes. It looks amazingly real. No more raccoon eyes because I slept with my mascara on. I am hooked on this place. Every three weeks or so I go in for a spruce. All I want to wear this summer is a great tan and long eye lashes. Interestingly enough, we got to talking and they also mentioned something called, microblading. This technique is a light tattooing of your eyebrows if you have bald spots. Speaking of bald spots and receding hairlines, they do that too. I actually watched one woman have her eyebrows done. It looked totally natural. This means I won't be one of those old ladies with the penciled eyebrows. What a relief. I mention The Lash House because let's face it, as we get older, we need a little TLC. What TLH has done for my disposition is priceless. You'll find Virginia at, The Lash House.

King Spa & Fitness


Spirit speaks to me and everyone using any modality that is available. Groupon is one of them. This is not the first time, I perused Groupon and was smacked with an enlightening moment of a place I need to check out. King Spa & Fitness is right across the bridge in Palisades Park, NJ. For $23 I got to spend the day in a Korean spa. King Spa is open 24 hours. I plan to spend a night there next time. First, you shower in a large shower room with lots of naked women, there's hot tubs, wet steam, water falls flowing from the wall. I felt it was as close to a Roman bath as I was going to get. Then you're given your pink uniform of a Tshirt and shorts. You then have 24 hours to check out about 12 different sauna rooms in the shape of small stone huts. The rooms hold about 6-8 people. There's the Amethyst Room, the Golden Pyramid room, Salt room, etc. I had a blast. When you get tired of the heat, there are comfortable lounge areas to rest in recliners, play chess, watch TV or use the WiFi. And of course, there is a Korean restaurant there. I had incredible dumplings and ginger tea. This place was truly an experience. King Spa also offers massages, scrubs and foot baths as well. I had a blast there. Everything is reasonably priced. I can't wait to go back and spend the night steaming and lounging. I slept like a rock when I got home. You'll find King Spa and Fitness at, King Spa & Fitness.

Mystical Horizons

Mystical Horizons is a New Age store in Old Mystic, CT that I was introduced to years ago. It is one of the better stores around. Recently, I was looking to find new crystals for my grids and made a trip there once again. I found out that the Old Mystic, CT location closed down and they are expanding their East Lyme location. That's a little closer for us NYers. Mystical Horizons has been around for 30 years. They bring in some of the best readers in Connecticut. Verlaine Eldridge, medium, reads their regularly. On my recent visit, I had a reading with John. Using a mix of channeling, tea leaves and cards, John was extremely interesting and thorough. If you're going to take a trip there this summer, make it a full day trip and check out PineGrove Spiritualist camp in Niantic, CT which is right down the road. PineGrove has different mediums/healers hosting workshops, message circles and readings all summer long. It's like summer camp for the other side. You can find Mystical Horizons store at, Mystical Horizons. And here is the link for PineGrove's Summer Schedule, PineGrove's Calendar.

Next month, I'll be Reporting My Findings About Corpus Christi, Texas. Peace.

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