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At the end of July, I took my second scouting trip to Texas. I'm looking for my Retirement Spot. I spent a week in Corpus Christi and honestly, fell in love with the area and its people. The beaches are rustic and beautiful. And the people friendly. I have never had so many people just stop and talk to me about anything. I even loved its International airport with only 6 gates. I got to meet up with my son who came down from Dallas and was sick of swimming in lakes. We are Beach People. Something about that Salt Water has always healed me and my children. I was glad to see my son missed it. I think I found my Retirement Spot. It meets all the criteria. I'm not sure how all the details will work, but that is something I leave up to Spirit. And that is why I write this Blog, just reaffirming the Universe has your back and if you use your Intuition, you will Never be Steered Wrong.

Selenite Charging Plate


This was one of my summer finds. It is a Selenite Charging Plate. Over the years, I have gotten into wearing more crystals especially when I am at work. I try to clear my crystals with Palo Santo or a little sea water in the summer, but now I also place all my stones on a Selenite Charging Plate. The Selenite will clear them and keep the stones fresh. I do feel a difference. You can find them online either at (a little expensive, but that's where I got mine) or try Etsy which also has them in various sizes. Mine is a Large.

Mark Bajewski


Mark Bajewski is another one of my summer finds. I stumbled upon him on YouTube and fell in love. He has quite an extensive library of little self help healing videos. Most are not longer than 5-10 minutes. I really enjoy viewing them. I liked the one about Lemons Clearing Your Home. Over the Summer, I had Lemons all over my apartment. He is quite charismatic and sits in a funky office talking to you about a wide variety of spiritual topics. The videos are short and sweet, just how this New Yorker likes them. I sometimes have to turn the volume up because of his accent, but I really like his simple approach. Besides that, what a Life he has. I think he ran off to Spain or something and never came back. Don't you all wish we could do that too? You'll find Mark at,, but you should also subscribe to him on YouTube. He makes for a nice pick me up when you need it.

Shamanic Full Moon Circle


I have attended several workshops at the Center for Health & Healing up in Mt. Kisco. My good friend, Barbara said I should try the Full Moon Shamanic Ritual with Melanie Ryan. I was not disappointed. First of all, this is my go to spot as far as healing and feeling comfortable. The decor is beautiful and it is also a large space. The altar pictured is created on the floor in the middle. Melanie will give you a little background on how she runs her circle. You can write petitions and prayers on paper and leave them there. Then Melanie will take you through a shamanic drumming meditation. There's only one round. I just survived a 3 rounder somewhere else, too long! Once the drumming is finished, everyone shares. I was hesitant, but like I said everyone shares. I was amazed how many details were similar as we went around the room. I don't know why Melanie only does Full Moon circles, but it's worth checking out. You will find Melanie and other interesting workshops at

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