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Final Blogging Words

Recently, I was contacted by a client that has had me read Tarot at several events in Westchester county. Imagine my surprise when she said the location of their latest event would be City Island, my old neighborhood for seventeen years. After living in a new place for a year and a half, I just felt that Spirit was sending me back because it was time. I guess it was. I had anxiety all week leading up to the event. Once I arrived, I drove past my old home. The one I loved and was so proud of because I was able to buy a house all by myself, for my children to live in. It was a funky and beautiful place to live. But, I was shocked to see the changes made. The beach grass, gone. Bamboo garden, gone. Everything had been leveled in the yard and only standard grass was seen from one end of the lot to the other. A couple of garbage cans lay in the frontyard. As I looked up at the beautiful old crank windows in the front, I saw they were replaced with new windows and an AC was promptly placed in the middle. Talk about bad FengShui, we have central air in that house! I could not believe the transformation. I didn't cry, and still haven't, but I know it was obviously time for me to Move On. The house had no charm or appeal, it was just a standard house now. I drove by my little beach where I would sit by myself for hours, there were a ton of people there and they all looked at me as if I was intruding. It was a serious Reality Check. I have my memories and so do my children. Not all things that they call Progress are good. You have to know when Spirit wants You to Move On.
Today, I have a funky apartment and a whole new Zen decor. I love my apartment. I have new friends and new outlets for my Spiritual Arts. I started this Blog when I lived in that funky house. I have enjoyed writing. But, as I change and evolve so does my work. I have decided to change up my Blogging to fit my new Lifestyle. This will be the last email I send out. I will still be Writing and Informing. These adventures will be found on my website, If you go to the Blog page my current words will be found there. I thought it best to Change Things Up. This way I can write when the stories come and I'm not bothering you by email. So I am interested in a different format where stories will evolve along Spiritual Lessons. I'm getting ready to write that book! So I wish to thank you all for being a part of My Journey. As I moved on from City Island and grew from that Experience, I Hope to Continue to Grow & Inform In Different Ways. Please check in at my website when you're bored, or waiting on a long bank line or snowed in. I assure you my words will be there, just a different format. Thank you to those who would email encouragement or a word of thanks for what I wrote. Those emails always made my day. Feel free to continue to contact me and let me know your thoughts. This new blog has a comment box right there so you can write your thoughts as well. Thank you for being a part of My Journey.


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