February 2017


Words For The Week

We are still in the beginning phases of a New Year. I've enjoyed my New Year and my Chinese New Year. Now comes February with that dreaded holiday all divorcees dislike, Valentine's Day. I usually can skate by it because Chinese New Year is taking place, but not this year. I have to deal with it Head On, nowhere to hide. So that's exactly what I'm doing. I decided I was not going to sit home and drink wine alone. Forget taking yourself out to any restaurant because they all are booked. If you sit at the bar and eat, you get to witness all the love you have missed. Nah, I'll Pass. But, this Valentine's Day is Different. This Valentine's Day has significant meaning for me. I have come to realize before all the happy couples go out to eat, there needs to be some Self Love here. So this year, I'll actually be in the hospital. I'll be skipping all the way there. Having something surgically removed, permanently. When I wake up on the 14th, I will mentally, physically and spiritually be starting a New Chapter. Very Exciting. It's about Self Love. It's about Loving Myself First and EveryOne Else Second. I'll be brought three meals in bed in a private room and pumped full of some great pain killers. That's the best Valentine's Day a single parent can have! I will have Time to Think. Never Again will I put Someone Else Before Me, it's about Love Myself First. And if by chance I forget, I can look down and see the scar that will be a Constant Reminder. I AM looking forward to Valentine's Day this Year. I'm Feeling the Love...Of Myself.


St. Valentine

Here he is, the man behind the Holiday. St. Valentine was not about chocolates and soulmate love. The best version of this story with its mosaic-like illustrations is this book, St. Valentine by Robert Sabuda. St. Valentine was a Christian hands on healer living in Ancient Rome. He healed many people with herbs and prayer. Valentine prayed to One God not many like the rest of Rome. A Roman jailer came to have his blind daughter healed. Healing Blindness back then, was the toughest job. Valentine became friends with the blind girl. He takes her with him when he gathers herbs and flowers. She picks yellow crocuses, the first Flower of Spring. There is an Uprising in Rome, Roman soldiers arrest Valentine along with all the other Christians because they are to blame for the Uprising. Everyone is to be executed. V alentine asks for a piece of papyrus and a pen. He writes to the blind girl, "From Your Valentine." While her father is reading the note to her, a yellow crocus falls out of the note. The blind girl instantly regains her sight and the first thing she sees is the Yellow Crocus. Now that's a great Valentine story, the First One. I love the inferences to love notes and giving flowers way back in Ancient Times. So when you are buying your kids those corny love cards for their classmates, or purchasing flowers for loved ones, you may want to remember how it all started, with a little note to someone they loved, a little prayer and a little healing.


Beth Engerson, Lipsologist

Beth Engerson reached out to me several years ago. She was trying to break into the Reading business. Beth does not read cards, she reads lips. No, she is not deaf. Beth is a certified Lipsologist, she reads lip prints. Through a lip print, Beth can read the person's personality, health, energy and stress level. Beth was so fascinated with a lip print reading that she received, that she decided to go to school for Lipsology. It's a good thing she did because there are less than ten certified Lipsologists in the whole world! Beth is the only Lipsologist in the New York area. She hopes to spread the message of such a fascinating and fun field. Beth is available for personal readings. You can contact her and send a picture of a lip print. She is also available for parties. Beth can be reached on FaceBook at KissMarks.Lipsology. Her website is, or call Beth at 347-450-8280. Muwah!


Eva's Awakenings Finally Hits The Road!

Well, I finally did it. Talk about Self Love. When I decided this newsletter was too, two dimensional, I wanted to create a show and travel around checking out what others were doing in the Spiritual Arts. It took awhile, but I just completed my third YouTube show, but the first one where I am traveling and interviewing. I want to thank Bobby Kitsios, of The Sacred Spirit store inside the Albertson Memorial Church of Spiritualism in Old Greenwich, CT. After being snowed out and overcoming several technical difficulties, my cameraman and I finally got our first traveling show up and running. It is about the Church of Spiritualism, how we can still connect to loved ones who have crossed over. Bobby did a great job explaining mediumship and showing off his beautiful store. Please feel free to like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel, Psychic Readings By Eva. Over the next few weeks I hope to visit Beth the Lipsologist, my favorite Feng Shui store in Chinatown with my favorite Feng Shui expert and a Salt Room. Stay Tuned!