January 2018


Words For The Month

It's a New Year, a New Chapter. I celebrate New Years all year long. Starting in January with the official New Year. Then I regroup in February during Chinese New Year. Then there is another New Year, when school let's out in June and another one end of August when I go back to school. This cycle works for me. Constantly reviewing, changing, tweaking (one of my favorite words) and revising. Trying to mold my life to where the Universe would like me to be. I try not to look back, maybe a glance. For me, it's Full Steam Ahead with my resolutions and lists of ideas and plans. I get excited at the new opportunities that present themselves in my daily life. As time goes on, I don't fight the flow anymore, I just learn to go with it. But as far as my tweaking goes, this year working on a healthier lifestyle and trying to find where home is going to be. Most people I read for thought 2017 was a decent year, but most were still clearing out old issues or patterns one way or another. I agree. So I am excited for 2018, and really starting to make manifest some new ideas in regards to my work as a Reader/Healer. I'm thinking if I create through my work, this will naturally assist me in finding the right place to call home. As long as I keep open to my intuition and Spirit's guidance, I continue to be led along a happier path.

Center for Health and Healing

Tucked away in Mt. Kisco, is the Center for Health and Healing. Created by a very interesting couple, this Center has been my go to place. It is very easy to get to right up Rt. 684 and down the road to Main Street. The Center itself is beautifully designed and spacious. I have gone there for several workshops on Reiki and Tibetan Bowls. Did I mention the price? Most workshops and events are $35.00 and I must say, well worth it! Just to be able to sit in that beautiful space with like minded souls has really helped rejuvenate me after a long week. There are also several nice restaurants in walking distance if you wish to make the day of it. Get on their mailing list to check out their events especially the Tibetan Bowls. For deeper adventure, there are trained counselors in a wide variety of modalities from past life regression to energy healing. Something for all. This is a great place to help recuperate from the holiday season. Center for Health and Healing.

The Incense Warehouse

Frankincense burning on a hot coal. Frankincense is an aromatic resin, used for religious rites, incense and perfumes.
This holiday season I got back into incense. I was getting tired of sage. Wanted something different. Over the holidays, I dusted off my incense pot, a ceramic single serving onion soup bowl. Laugh if you want, but I love this thing and because of the handle, I never burn my hands like I do with the abalone shell. This holidays season, I burned a lot of Frankincense in the resin form. All you need is charcoal, a good pair of tongs and some incense. For me, the test in finding a good company to order from has been, do they carry Dragon's Blood? Usually sold out. In my latest adventure, I stumbled upon this website, Incense Warehouse, located in Hicksville, Long Island. I learned a lot about incense through them. I had no idea how many different types of incense there are. I also liked that they had gift sets which I thought would make a nice present for new homeowners. You name it, they have it. With a New Year ahead, I believe in clearing and blessing the way with some good incense, whatever calls to you, it's your Path.
Incense Warehouse.

Monastery Icons

In researching incense, I stumbled upon this website, Monastery Icons. A religious website that offers a wide variety of icons along with a wide variety of pricing. I was intrigued with their outdoor icons. That old school idea of placing an icon in front of your property or on the house. Since I live in an apartment now, I have to review this idea, but I am thinking of placing an outdoor icon in my little yard come Spring. The icons not only range in price, but also size, from magnets you can place on your refrigerator to pocket icons to plaques to cathedral size. Very interesting website. Monastery Icons

Next month, it is the Year of the Dog. Peace.

3/2/18 8:7AM