January 22, 2017


Words For The Week

I'm excited to be celebrating a New Year in my culture and also celebrating the Chinese New Year in Chinese culture. I love when things all come together! What I usually do at the start of a New Year, I also do when Chinese New Year rolls around. I clean and declutter my house. Floors are washed, broken items thrown away, some new clothes are purchased and I break out The Red! Lots of good food with good friends are on the calendar. In the New Year, I will be focusing on my newly created, YouTube show, Eva's Awakenings - a show about the Spiritual Arts for EveryDay People. You can subscribe to my channel, which is called Psychic Readings By Eva. Below is the link to my second episode about House Clearing, just in time for the New Year! Happy New Year! Gung Hay Fat Choy!


The Year of the Rooster

The Year of the Rooster will be a great year for those honest and hardworking people. The Red Fire Rooster counts on himself. What's interesting is, the Red Fire Rooster is Yin energy so this year will have Female energy talomg the lead. An important lesson has finally been mastered. There will be nothing wishy washy this year. Hardwork, honesty with no illusions will be strong. New ideas you may be working on will be refined. And you will get what you have worked for. All sounds good to me! If you are looking for further information about your chinese zodiac sign and how your year will be, go to, to learn more. If you already know your chinese zodiac sign, maybe this year dig deeper like the Rooster and find out about your animal's element. Wishing your New Ideas come to Fruition, your Hard Work Pays Off and that Important Lesson is Mastered Effortlessly! Gung Hay Fat Choy!


Feng Shui With Barbara Catena

I met Barbara Catena at a FengShui class she gave on City Island. When I started my newsletter, Barbara wrote a few articles. This past Fall, Barbara came to me for a Reading. Towards the end of the Reading, Barbara gave me a feng shui remedy to sell my home. Well, what she suggested was simple enough. My house had not sold in over a year. I had tried several realtors and also tried to sell it on my own. After talking to Barbara and taking her advice, I want you to know that my house sold the very next week and it ended in a bidding war! I believe, Barbara's feng shui remedy had a lot to do with this. She takes payment in denominations of 9 and will come to your home and give great advice about how to heal whatever concerns you may have. The remedies are simple and very interesting. Being we are starting a New Year, I think this would be a great time to have a feng shui expert come to your home, to start the Year off right. You can reach Barbara at 914-844-2216 or email her at


Here he is, the Man of the Hour. I stumbled upon this water fountain while walking in my neighborhood. He was in the window of my favorite shop. He was made of plastic, perfect for my home. It didn't matter the cost, I wanted him. It has been almost a year and the sound this Buddah water fountain makes in my Livingroom is beyond peaceful. Sometimes I turn the TV off and just enjoy listening to my fountain and Walter, my parakeet. Turning on the fountain at the beginning of the day and turning it off before I go to sleep was effortlessly added to my routine. I love this fountain! I became obsessed with water fountains. As I researched them because now I wanted one in my bedroom and classroom, I was astounded at the wide varieties available online. The cost varies from $25 to $2,000. I actually bought a simple one for $25 for my classroom. It is sturdy and I have even forgotten to turn it off on a Friday and when I come back on Monday, it is still going strong with no motor issues. On average, expect to pay about $50 for a good one. I stay away from the fountains made of resin simply because my lifestyle is hazardous and they chip easily. The next step for me is to find one to put in my yard. There are even battery operated ones. Here are the two best companies I found online, and

Next month, we will take a look at Lipology, a person who reads lip prints.