June 2017


Words For The Week

I love Fudgie the Whale cakes. I look forward to Father's Day for this reason. I celebrate Father's Day because I AM the father of my family. God Bless those families who have or had real fathers. Mine was dysfunctional and abusive. In the end, my Dad got ripped off by his mail order bride from Poland and his favorite child, my sister, a lawyer. They got away with forgery, manslaughter and many other offenses. My kids' college funds were spent on lavish vacations and spa treatments that did not work. LOL. Pretty disgusting, I know, but that's their Karma and I'd hate to be in their Shoes when it Comes Around. Me, I decided I didn't want my kids exposed to this, so I didn't let it happen. I have two solid kids, well rounded and above all else, Happy. Money can't buy that. They never saw or experienced what I did, and I am very glad about this. In the End, my Life has become happier and peaceful. And the Universe continues to Bless Me and My Little Family. I write this to remind some of you how fortunate you are to have good families that may get on your nerves, but are there for you. We each have our own burdens, and lack of family support was mine. I am OK with this. It could have been worse. That's how you have to look at Life. Accept the bumpy places in Life's road, but push your car to the next gas station for a repair and then continue on your journey. I did, and it has been most definitely worth it. It was because of these experiences, that I rely on my Intuition to help me the Most. From that, came this newsletter, and now a YouTube channel based on this newsletter. That Bumpy Road, has led me beyond my Wildest Dreams. Happy Father's Day to All Those Dads, like Me.


David Ellis, Haiku Poet

I met David Ellis at the beach. We both liked the morning shift. David was responsible for encouraging me to start this newsletter and then bring it life on YouTube. David is also a writer. He writes Haiku poetry. How he gets his thoughts down in 5 lines is truly a gift. As my readers know, I certainly could not do this. David has just completed a new book of Haiku poetry. He likes to write about Nature and City Island where he lives. David is also a great father. I have seen him spend hours at the beach with his son Gabriel. I could not think of a better person to highlight in my June issue. Below is a link to David's latest book which you can order. If you click on Words for the Week above, it will take you to my website where I have showcased some of my favorite poems by David. It makes for great reading at the beach this Summer!



I love Bamboo. It is a fascinating plant? tree? Anyway, whatever it is, I love it. Don't tell me it's evasive, hard to control. I heard the horror stories. When I lived on City Island, my backyard neighbor built a tin can pool too close to my fence. The chlorine killed three huge evergreen trees that hid my yard from his ignorant ass. He never used his pool and you can throw a rock from his yard and hit the beach. Go Figure. Anyway, how to get some fast growing trees back there to hide his crap yard, would take too long. Then I discovered Bamboo. I researched the different types and decided on Incense Bamboo. When it grows it smells like Sandalwood, which promotes Peace. One of my fondest memories is when my daughter and I rented a UHaul and traveled to Springfield, MA to purchase 15-20 feet bamboo, What an Adventure! Within three years, I lost sight of my neighbor. My bamboo stalks grew as thick as baseball bats. The bird choir I use to hear in the morning returned in full force. Now that I have moved into an apartment, I decided to try to grow bamboo in pots on the patio. It really makes the patio look very Zen. But of course, I had to order my plants online since bamboo is banned in this area. When planting bamboo you only need to remember two things. Line the planting area with rubber, to keep the bamboo contained. And in May-June, you can take a shovel and just cut the roots that grow less than 6 inches underground. Once that is done, the bamboo will not spread. This is Bamboo Season, so I thought I'd share what I know. If interested in finding out more about this Grass, that symbolizes Prosperity, try here,