March 2017


Words For The Week

I've been angry lately. Not able to let Things Go. I'm surprised I'm angry about little things and not letting them go. I've meditated, drank Cabernet, visited my Reiki master and went to the gym. Still Angry. Then I remembered Edgar Cayce. Yes, the man who psychically accessed the other side and transcribed thousands of remedies for ailments. I had gone to his center in Virginia Beach. The spa there is beautiful. That's where I first discovered the Liver pack. It was part of a spa treatment package. You lay there with a wool cloth soaked in Castor Oil over your liver area. Then they apply a heating pad. The Castor Oil is suppose to take all the toxins out. The Liver is where Anger gets stored. So I decided to try this pack again. The Edgar Cayce website sells everything you need. It's not that messy, but some towels and plastic trash bags helps. You do it for three days, one hour. Just lie there and meditate or read while your Liver is oiled and warmed and toxins are removed. It's like taking your Liver to the spa. I figured I'd better be nice to mine. It's been through a lot. The Edgar Cayce website has tons of information about simple remedies you can do at home. What I like is they are simple and the site gives you enough information to do it yourself. With Springtime coming, I want to look and feel my best, inside and out. I'm sure you do too. Just go to, Edgar Cayce Center and look under Shop.


Sprucing Your Wealth Corner

Well whether the Ground Hog saw his shadow or not, it's Spring Time. With that comes Tax Season and Spring Cleaning. This Spring, I am moving to a new place. I am taking my decluttering seriously. In FengShui, if you stand at your front door facing in, the far left corner is your Wealth corner. This might be a good time to take a look at what is there. Make sure that corner is clutter free. Placing items that symbolize Wealth there may help your Prosperity. A lucky bamboo or Money tree. Pictures of an abundant garden. Pictures depicting Water are also an abundant sign, even a fish tank or water fountain. Use colors of prosperity, green, red or purple. If you're not sure, just try to keep that area clutter free and hang a Chinese Lucky charm symbolizing Wealth. You can find them online. Pick one that calls to you whether it's an ignot my favorite, the money toad or chinese coins. Start off small and see how you feel. I started with decluttering and several chinese charms symbolizing the different corners Wealth, Love, and Health. My favorite FengShui website is, Feng Shui Import. I extended my Wealth corner to my yard and planted a bamboo garden in the far Left area. If interested in having a FengShui expert come to your home, my friend Barbara Catena can be reached at 914-844-2216 or email her at



I discovered Kava on a recent trip to Florida. My son took me to a Kava bar. I honestly thought it was going to be a coffee cafe. It was not. It was different. I sat at a very bohemian looking bar, filled with surfer dude lookalikes. They read Tarot cards, played board games and talked very quietly. They drank from coconut shells. So I had a Kava drink. It tasted like a woodsy root. Withing minutes, I felt relaxed and happy. Kava it turns out is great for anxiety and insomnia issues. I suffer from both. Being it is a New Year, I'm trying to cut down on my wine intake. I found Kava to be a nice replacement. You can find it in pill form in the vitamin aisle, but I honestly like drinking it from my coconut shell. It transported me to the Fiji islands where Kava is grown and used in religious and social gatherings. I felt like I had falllen into a Gaugin painting, grass skirt, topless and tan! Unfortunatley, there is only one Kava bar in the NYC area down in the East Village. It is called, Kavasutra. You can explore
their menu at,
I was happy my first experience was at a Kava bar in Florida. Florida is where this Kava bar concept caught on. The Kava expert who schooled me recommended, This is a website where he orders Fijian Kava for his bar. He only serves Kava from Fiji. Kava has varieties, so I started with the variety pack, where I could try five different kinds of Kava. I ordered two beautiful coconut shell cups with flat bottoms from KokoAndCo. on Etsy
. Looking forward to this most interesting and primitive way of relaxing. I hope it catches on. I'd like to see a Kava bar in my neighborhood.