May 2017


Words For The Week

Her name was Maryanne. She called asking for a Reading. I was always told by those in the Spiritual Arts, sometimes someone who wants a Reading, is actually sent to help you with what you're working on. This was the case with MaryAnne. This is a story of Empowerment, Women's Empowerment. I couldn't think of a better story for my Mother's Day issue. MaryAnne works in a hospital. One day she passes an empty store front. She peeked in the window and sees her Dad who has crossed over, in the reflection of this empty store. She suddenly decides to call and ask about the store. With no business background, MaryAnne decides to open a Chocolate store. Posh Pretzels is born. Divorced with two kids and still managing her job at the hospital, MaryAnne has created the most beautiful store. That's my kind of gal. She's appeared on TV, had her pretzels in the Oscar's goodie bags and I'll even be reading at Posh Pretzels in May. Like I said, MaryAnne is my kind of gal. She saw the signs and followed them. She wasn't afraid to put herself out there and try something new. When you see her website and store you will know there was Divine Intervention. That's why I write this newsletter. Reminding us to Follow the Signs. With Mother's Day this month, a story about a strong woman and chocolate is appropriate. You'll find MaryAnne's store in Tarrytown, NY or at



You can't tell me Chocolate is not Spiritual. We Ladies know it is. But, how many of us know the history of this trusted companion of ours? Chocolate first made history in 1900 BC where the ancient Mesoamericans in Central America created a chocolate drink. Because of its importance, it was reserved for rulers, warriors, priests and nobles at sacred ceremonies. When the Aztecs took over the region, they found this hot chocolate drink so irresistible that they traded with the Mayans for the beans. The 16th century Aztec emperor, Montezuma drank 3 gallons of hot chocolate daily to increase his libido. It was in the 1500's when the Spanish conquistadors led by Hernan Cortes took chocolate back to Spain, that chocolate's popularity started to spread. Chocolate was still only available to royalty or the elite that could afford it. The Spanish kept their chocolate secret for a century. When King Philip II of Spain's daughter wed Louis XIII of France in 1615, she brought her love of chocolate to France. The popularity of chocolate spread throughout European courts. Finally in 1828, Johannes van Houten invented a cocoa press, which revolutionized chocolate making and brought edible chocolate to the masses. In 1847, a British company, JS Fry & Sons created the first solid chocolate bar. Then my man, Rodolphe Lindt's 1879 invention of the conching machine started to produce a velvety textured chocolate bar that eventually led to mass production using assembly lines. Family owned companies such as Cadbury, Mars and Hershey ushered in a chocolate boom in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Today, the average American consumes 12 pounds of chocolate each year and more than $75 billion worldwide is spent on chocolate.


Colors & Their Effect On Us

Several years ago when I was studying AfroCaribbean religion with a High Priest, he got very exasperated with me. He said I always wore black. It was driving him crazy. He suggested I wear Red. I went out and bought my first red blouse and have never looked back. Colors definitely have an impact on mood and attitude. Although Black is a Protection color, it also makes you look thinner which is why most people wear it. Now that summer is upon us, take a look at what colors you are drawn to. Color can effect your disposition. Green is for growth and renewal and Blue calming. Purple of course is for Intuition and Creativity while Orange is optimistic and the Buddhists' color. White is for anything Spiritual and Pure. Red for Romance or War, interesting how these two subjects get the same color! Yellow is known for high intellect, wealth and great expectations while Brown is known for its stability. These concepts come from the book, Color In Your World by Faber Birren. Interestingly enough while reviewing this information, this book's research was used in another book about FengShui, a favorite topic of mine. So I suggest use Birren's research although there is a lot out there on Colors & Their Impact. What you should really do is, ask yourself why you are drawn to certain colors. If you're trying to change things up in your Life, take a chance on a different color. See how you feel. Think Outside the Box. Even a change in patterns or textures brings different feelings. Color can help promote that change in your life you are working on!