October 2017


Words For The Week

With the Seasons Changing, so am I. Finishing up some Healing from the Past and Moving On Down the Road! At the end of the Summer Season, I purchased a ticket to see Walk With Me, the movie about Thich Nhat Hahn and Plum Village. I found myself on an adventure to Montclair, New Jersey to a tiny theatre filled with my kind of people. Although the movie was not a biography about his life, more of a documentary, it was nice to see Thich in better Times with his monks. A humble man who has touched the world with his mindfulness. It was a good reminder to work on staying in the present moment and focus on my breath so I stay in the Present, not the Past. I also love Walking Meditations, so as I enter this season of Fall, I will be walking mindfully. Before the movie, I stumbled into a small crystal shop that was a Diamond in the Rough. Rocky's Crystals & Minerals was a very nice store with crystals and gift items. Prices were extremely reasonable. I really liked the energy there. They also have an online store at


Great Big Canvas

I Found Great Big Canvas after Being Ripped Off. I Loved the Buddah Frames that Appear on FaceBook at Dharma Vibes & Print Revival. I was Bombarded all Spring with the Most Beautiful Buddahs. Lo and Behold, I Ordered from both companies for my New Place. Both Companies are Unfortuntately in China. Being they do not Communicate through their website, they FB Messengered me at 3 am to discuss my concerns. It was Beyond. In a Fit of Rage, Trying to Complete my New Apartment, I Stumbled Upon, Great Big Canvas. Talk about Buying American. They may not have those beautiful Buddahs, but they are located in North Carolina and my canvases arrived within a week. I ordered Extra Large, like 90" long. Both Frames Arrived beautifully packaged. The water scenes made my apartment complete. The above one hangs in my Kitchen and over coffee every am, I almost end up off that dock! This is a Great company to review if you are looking for a certain theme or picture. I Highly Recommend after what I went Through! Great Big Canvas


Brett Bevell

I went to a workshop at the Health and Healing Center in Mt. Kisco, NY with this most interesting man, Brett Bevell. It was called, This is Spinal Zap. All I can say is for $35, What an Experience. The energy in the room was electric and visions came instantly the minute he started. Mind you, no music just Mr. Brett breathing deeply and on occasion making a soft bird-like whistling sounds. He teaches Reiki at the Omega Institute, but focuses his time these days on this new energy approach called, Magical Awakenings. He feels this approach can assist to tap into the energy of Merlin the Wizard. On his website, you can view his latest book that will teach you the first stages of this Magical Awakening. The book is titled, The Wizard's Guide to Energy Healing. Brett also has a few YouTube clips where he demonstrates this approach. Truly a very Gifted Healer. Brett Bevell


Cinnamon Brooms

I don't remember who mentioned Cinnamon Brooms to me, but they are part of my Fall decor in my home. Nothing Fancy. I pay my four or five dollars and carefully take the broom home. Carefully, I say, because I don't want the Cinnamon residue on my hands or in my eyes, it hurts! But, I place the broom in the corner of the Kitchen, usually in my Wealth corner following FengShui directions. It never fails to bring in more business for me. And the smell of the Cinnamon really makes the Fall Season complete. I usually keep my Cinnamon broom till Spring time. Then I discard it during Spring cleaning. You can find them at the Christmas Tree store, ShopRite or Trader Joe's. If you miss their seasonal appearance, you can always try Amazon.

Next month, we will look at Labrinths. Peace.