Welcome to the Amoroso Caffe. A few years ago, I was in the midst of some inner child healing. Part of My Journey was working with a very gifted medium in Connecticut. I had little interest in speaking to either deceased parent since their dysfunctional lifestyle created quite an Evil Sibling, who spent most of her Life throwing me under every bus that could be found to make herself look better in my parents' eyes. The Evil Sibling grew up to be a lawyer and continued her Evil Ways of extricating thousands of dollars from my parents, forging deeds and wills, and selling my parents' house without any notification. My children's college funds were divided up among crooked lawyers who got away with it. It is no wonder I grew up to be a Reader and Healer. Anyway, the medium spoke a lot about how the German side of my family, my mother's side, was cheeringme on. She went on to say, that my German ancestors were extremely strong people and I had inherited their resilience. She said whenever I felt vulnerable to remember my strong, German background. I was touched by her words. A few months ago, I was contacted by a German cousin that I had not heard from in many years. We shared some positive memories and now stay in touch. Recently, she took a trip to my mom's hometown. There on one of the old cobblestone streets of Heidelberg, Germany, she found a caffe with my name on it, The Amoroso Caffe. I was touched by this strange sign on the road of my Healing Journey. I'm on the Cusp of of whole New Chapter, a very exciting one, retiring and moving to some place sunny! After years of questioning and wondering why this or that happened, I don't wonder anymore. I have been guided to a much happier and peaceful life, that is Beyond My Understanding. I tell clients that I read for, we all have Intuition. Because of the position I was put in by my former family, I come to trust my Intuition a lot more than most. I AM Always steered in the Right Direction, ALWAYS. All you have to do is just open your eveys and see the signs. The Amoroso Caffe was a fascinating sign just letting me know as the medium told me so many yearrs ago, the German side of my family is Watching & Cheeering Me On. Sending a gentle reminder that I AM a Part of Them and They Are With Me, Always.