Her name is Stephanie. We work together. Single Parent. Been through a lot. I've read Tarot for her a couple of times during lunch breaks. Pretty Girl. Like most of us women, she married the wrong one first time around. Bought a condo together. Thought this was it. Two kids later, she Moved On. He stayed in the condo and stayed and stayed. She paid the mortgage and her own rent because her name was on the deed. Put two sons through private schools. I honestly don't know who she did it. Well, after many years of paying for everything, Her Prince showed up. Slowly, but surely Things Fell Into Place. Still Not Divorced. After our last reading, I gave her the name of my divorce lawyer. Crazy Man, but he represents us Ordinary People. She liked him. They started the process together. She got divored and the X refused to pay the mortgage after being mortage free for years. Although the condo went into foreclosure, she DID move on. Talk about Serious Cord Cutting. I was proud of her. She fought hard for that New Beginning. A few weeks ago, I got an invitation in the mail. A Bridal Shower. I was very surprised. I mean we're colleagues. She said, if it wasn't for me, she would never have gotten divored. I was touched and honored. I've read Tarot at hundreds of bridal showers, but honestly can't remember any I was invited to. My Life is a little unconventional. So now, what do I get the girl? This girl that has been through so much. I decided a case of champagne. It's Time to Celebrate Life. There's actually a champagne with my name on it, Amoroso. Perfect. Called the store, had it gift wrapped. When I picked it up, the clerk kenw my name, she didn't look happy. Then I saw the box. You're kidding. Two different types of wrapping paper. Huh, what? My girl deserves better than this half ass job. The clerk stated they had never wrapped a case before. So there I am Friday morning in Walgreen's looking for bows, ribbons and wrapping paper. Not much of a choice. But, I decided on black roses with silver and gold. Saturday morning I started wrapping. The clerk was right, not so easy. But, as I maneuvererd the box and taped and cut, I thought about Stephanie and all she had been through. The wrapping paper really fit Her Journey. Marriage is not all Roses, there are dark time as well as light. Silver and Gold ribbon keeping this new partnership together through it all, because of the Love and Friendship. And those curly bows are because Life spirals, Life is a Circle, like Harry Chapin use to sing. Remember him? I liked what I created. It really was a great gift with a meaningful wrapping paper. And I didn't even need a card, my name is on the bottle.