I spend every weekend trudging through here. Transforming from little old single parent school teacher into Healer of the Masses. A Warrior of the Spirit. I have spent countless hours here racing to the wine store, rushing to the subway or chasing down my train. It's all part of my Transformation, where I switch hats. The Portal. Superman had a phone booth. Wonder Woman twirled around. Me, I'm trudging through Grand Central Station trying to get to the wine store. I briefly stop and admire the constellations painted on the ceiling. My zodiac sign is up there. I smile at the Twins. I am two people rolled into one. Then it's off to read Tarot for the masses. A small table, two chairs, my cards and my wine. That's all I need. I'm ready to Lift Off. Saving souls, giving suggestions, laughing at the lessons the Universe has placed before my clients. No Boujee New Age store where I sit and wait to read fo old ladies that contemplate the Universe or their cats. I'm in some backroom where the music is pulsing, the crowd loud and my line of clients, long. I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm huddled over my table giving comfort to those nonbelievers who need it the most. They just happened to sit down at my table. They realize this chic is pretty solid. She's telling me what I need to hear. She's giving me reasonable options. She's helping me with my Life's lessons. A laugh, a tear, a sigh, a hug. Then it's on to the next person waiting at the door. Another nonbeliever who is starting to believe because I just read for their colleague. Afterwards, I race out the door and hurry down a busy NYC street. The city that never sleeps. Running through The Portal for my train to take me home. Collapsing into a train seat, I take a deep breath. I pray to have all the pain I have absorbed from others to be released. I thank the Universe for my Gift and this Opportunity to Help. Finally, I'm home. The magic of the night is over. Mission Accomplished. Then I crawl into bed for a long, deep sleep.